Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jessica Hische

how young and how successful she is was just an inspiration in its self she work with big names like Tiffany and company, Entertainment Weekly, and The Wall St. Journal. I forget how young she was but she couldn't have been in her 30's. She has achieved a life after school that is sought after by most art students and I know one day that I attain the same level of fame that she achieved. 

Ben Volta

I had a hard time understanding what he really does to have his art work hung in the MOMA and he is also had the Franklin institute ask him to do something for them as well. His whole thing is that he gives an idea to a math class of intercity kids and they all collaborate and he gets to put his name on it and get recondition for their work.  He said he really likes to let them do everything like at a level where he will provide tools and material and would come back later and see what happens.  This really pushes the boundaries of getting and making connections because of someone else.  This guy is now in contact with a lot of highly connected people that he can now benefit off of everything even after he stops working with these kids. Plainly put I think hes wrong in what hes doing.

H. John Thompson

This man had a lot to say about family and keeping it close to you at all times.  how he set up his studio to look like his grandfathers bakery is a really cool idea.  I feel like now that I'm in college I don't really have a tight bond with my family as I once did.  He really inspired me to go into my next few projects for school with the mentality to do art that reminds me of my family.  This lecture was one of the few that I really got anything out of.

the internship lecture

 there were a cupped different people that talked during this lecture the first and third person that spoke didn't really even get my attention. But for the second speaker not only did this girl have a very assertive presents but she stole my attention from the work I needed done for the class right after the lecture. She was a senior and graphic design and talked about her internship with Hallmark.  This wasn't that interesting but the way she talked i just couldn't ignore her.  unfortunately I didn't even get to finish the homework and really just was overloaded by how much and how fast this girl communicated.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


the lecture before Candy Depew was a very forgetful guy granted that i am blogging about him a few weeks later but don’t remember his name, what i do remember was he had a Mohawk and didn’t use power point to show his slides. My tea almost spilled on me like 3 times because the stupid desk part had a slant and it kept sliding when I wasn't looking. over all just another lecture.

Doug G

Yesterday the lecture was ran by a guy named Doug he really didn't talk about the normal topic of studio space it was more about him and his art, it was a nice switch from the norm. What I remember most was about how he was a diabetic and did a lot of art about his condition and it was very inspiring that he exploits himself. I don’t know what it is about putting yourself on the line like your art is you makes me admire him.